Our test will show what it’s good for. You’ll find the details about it in the following review, especially in the performance part. The short stroke length with the very evident pressure point would be very comfortable. An accordingly strong power source is also used in the Eee N with a 63 Wh lithium ion battery pack It is sufficiently sharp, however, with decent colour and contrast, so will suit most basic use.

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Our prototype came along completely in black. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown on this site. With a sleek, black curved case and 121n glossy shine, the N bears a similarity to other recent EeePC models.

Many users will benefit from “Delete” on the right upper edge and “Control” at the keyboard’s other end. This observation also reflects our impression when working with the netbook.

Continuing its run of providing nonstandard netbook components, the GB hard drive betters the usual GB disks seen in older netbooks. We especially liked the display’s clear arrangement, websites that are cut off on the right edge are practically never seen.

The more GPU-intensive Batman: Average display brightness and glare surface prevent outdoor use. It was easy to partially obstruct the speakers which would make them sound muffled.

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Asus Eee PC N | TechRadar

For comparison’s sake, the Intel CULV HP dm3t we just reviewed scored a 1, so while the N is powerful for a netbook, it doesn’t quite match up to a thin-and-light. The Ppc Awkward touch pad, mediocre battery life. This could lead to synchronization problems when external devices, such as external sound cards, are connected. It is sufficiently sharp, however, with decent colour and contrast, so will suit most basic use. We’re okay with the strikingly similar design, and though the lid’s glossy black finish is a fingerprint magnet, overall it’s a slick-looking dhmi.

Usability is excellent, with all keys moving with a firm and short motion. Since Asus kickstarted the modern netbook market, it is only apt that it has now released one of the world’s first dual-core mini-laptops. As far as netbooks are concerned, Asus has always taken pride in its pioneer role in the various fields. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook We caught ourselves trying to turn up the brightness indoors several times – no chance.

The well-known multi-gesture touchpad is even used in the new 12 inch alternative of the Eee PC. Asus has now obviously found its line in view of design.

ASUS Eee PC 1201N Review

Wrap up The N is a new type of netbook — although we aren’t even sure it should be called a netbook, since it’s more like a full-fledged laptop. That is, an Intel Atom chip with a clock rate of 1. A good workmanship can be ascribed to the Eee N with exception of the keyboard unit.


This can be impressively seen in, for example, the 3DMark benchmark comparison. It would be nice if ASUS included a polishing cloth, though. We found the extra ports useful for plugging in a mouse and leaving extra ports open for USB drives and device charging while on the road.

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The benchmarks back us up: In a heads-up battle with the Pd IdeaPad S12, we still prefer Lenovo’s superior keyboard and touch pad. Users can enjoy a smooth HD video experience on the unit’s The illumination of We usually list the various model alternatives that are available on the European and American markets here.

The matte keys have a nice tactile response and the wider deck accommodates two full-sized shift keys. The onboard speakers were lap-firing dhmi sounded very tinny.

Unfortunately, the keyboard in our prototype potentially deflected evidently in the left and right halves’ center under pressure and even made a clattering noise at typing.